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Ways you Re-write Your Story, Even When It’s Tough

What can you do when you feel unsatisfactory or chaotic? Re-write your story and revise your narrative!

Our shady pasts have become the recurring stories we tell about our lives.

We’ve become naïve actors in a grand production in which we keep repeating scripts that take us back into the same drama in our relationships, spiritual lives, and professional lives.

While we can’t alter what happened in the past, we could change the narrative by acknowledging how it has impacted our present-day existence and forming a positive strategy to transform the script.

Although we are our parents and children, we’re not their choice!

We play these scripts repeatedly, automatically moving through each scene, not realizing we’re carrying the exact thing we need to write Your Story.

Like the victims of a cosmic soap-opera spiral, we repeat the same mistakes, detesting the process, only to be amazed by the inevitable outcomes. It’s living in our memories.

In the wake of a poor childhood, we’re bound to someone else’s past.

Brokenness leads to brokenness, but the possibility of a new beginning is made possible by one step of bravery.

Make use of this frame to write your story.

The frame you use to define yourself defines how you perceive or view the world around you.

It is your worldview, your perspective on things and your perspective and is determined by your experiences in life, both bad and good.

How you make your decisions is influenced by your reference frame.

Your opinions and choices are based on what you perceive of things around you.

Rule one is to accept that because something appears to make complete sense for you, it does not mean it’s in alignment with reality or truth.

We don’t perceive the world the way they are; we view things the way we see them.

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Rewrite the script Rewrite the Script

All you need to write your story is your own will, a decision to make changes and the confidence to take action. It’s that simple.

Let’s start laying the foundation to help you stay on the right course.

Your previous script may have resulted in many bad relationships.

The natural course of changing scripts is that many relationships won’t get past the first hurdle.

Mapping the Stage

To establish the basis for your journey, begin by drawing a line across an oversized piece of paper. Divide it into 10-year increments.

In that timeline, record positive events along the top and negative ones at the bottom. Note any patterns.

Create a Trigger List

Create a list of the people, locations, things or situations that cause you to feel angry or withdraw.

Include anything that puts your mind in a negative mood.

Be patient. It will require some thought.

When thoughts come to mind, note them down.

You list each item and check if it is related to something in your calendar.

Create a Plan

About the Trigger List, write a plan of action.

What can you change from what you’ve done previously?

Take your time and make changes to your plan as new ideas occur to you.

Change the script to reflect that old pattern of behavior.

You can tear off your old script toss it out, and begin creating your new life.

Since old patterns haven’t been working, close them down.

The Exit Stage is Left

In a stressful situation, it is possible to withdraw from the conversation or withdraw from the situation to take a step back and challenge your thinking.

Professional settings, this could mean politely or assertively excusing yourself.

In your relationships, you might need to accept a “call phrase” or gesture that signifies your relationship’s end or take a step back.

Take this into consideration when developing your strategy for changes.

Write your own story if it’s off-script

If you are a thorn in an apple cart, chaos will follow. Applying these concepts makes it possible to see certain relationships fall off the cliff.

If the relationship is romantic or platonic, be aware that some, at least the majority, of your relationships today have roots in your previous persona.

The people who have been with you have glimpsed a glimpse of you.

When you begin to behave differently, your personality script is fighting to keep its place and can’t tolerate your real persona without getting a reaction.

playing to Rafters Playing to the Rafters

If you perform the script in the new version, the older scripts don’t like it. They are awed by the crowd by acting out and acting out.

You’ll see some extreme behaviors that will be awe-inspiring to you since the more you practice from the latest text, the less absurd and bizarre the old script players appear.

If you notice this happening, take a cup of coffee or tea and relax because it’s functioning!

Your eyes are now open, and you’ve outgrown this acquaintance.

You’re no longer stuck and making progress towards your goal.

You are getting a more focused and better understanding of the new life you have created.

Use your trust in your revision.

The list could be a small number of people or a longer list.

The most important thing to remember about making this list work is to select trustworthy people who will give you the truth without worrying about being criticized.

Yes. You will likely be a target for ruffling your feathers when you first start because the playwright of old is not a fan of actors acting off script.

The people on this list must be those you can trust with sensitive information.

The people you trust to keep the confidences of others and who can demonstrate their commitment to keeping your interests in their minds.

They are the ones who don’t judge.

Be patient. Keep the list with you to record any idea on your mind. Use this list to give you an objective opinion to help you work in the trenches.

Moving in the Right Direction

If you feel that trusted people are giving you the information you don’t want to listen to, it could be the exact message you’re looking for.

This means that you must consistently check your new script to find where the previous one may have slipped in.

It is possible to learn the rules. However, you can only achieve results when you put into practice the lessons you’ve learned.

If you forget about this and become lazy, you’ll know as soon as you recognize the old, funky thoughts creeping to haunt you from the grave.

Cut! Print It!

Today, decided to commit to the process. Please don’t fall for the falsehood that it is failing or that things aren’t changing.

It took more than one day to transform into the person you were.

It will take some determination to keep going until you’ve completed your new story.

Consistency is power.

It took years, or even decades, to get to the point you are at.

It was difficult to develop the old script in a single day, and it took determination to change it.

When you do this consistently, it will become simpler.

Congratulations! You’ve finally broken free of the past. Have fun, my dear friend. It’s time to put this concert out on the road.

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