Trekking through a tangled jungle on the Andharban Trail


Through Andharban is one in every one of the foremost fresh treks inside the Sahyadri place. Andharban may also be a compound word composed of the words Andhar, which shows ‘darkish,’ and ban, which suggests ‘woodland.’ Andharban, which shows “dark forest”, may be a path via dense overgrowth that has perspectives of the Devkund waterfall, Plus Valley, and also the Tamhini Ghat. It is a descending trek with numerous small streams and waterfalls that begins within the Sahyadri mountains at an elevation of approximately 2, a 160ft and descends into the valley to gain the backwaters of the Bhira Dam.

Andharban is open 24 hours each day, seven days a week. Some people even make this a night hike, wearing torches and being more careful of the trail. First-timers, on the other hand, ought to trek at some stage in the day, because it’s simpler to become displaced after dusk, and one small incorrect flip may also lead you into the Kundalika Valley. It’s far more first-rate to depart early in the morning for Andharban, with the intention of arriving at the beginning line by 9 AM.

Starting of the Trek

The trek starts off at Independence factor, approximately two hundred metres from Pimpri village and near the Pimpri Dam. The trailhead isn’t marked, however it’s clearly seen. You may get guidelines from nearby villagers if essential. A path winds via a shattered chain-link fence. Trekkers need to pay a price of Rs.50 in person before starting the trek. There isn’t always any permanent counter, best a short lived safe haven, however the rate is valid, and trekkers are given a correct receipt.

The path inside the Kundalika Valley essentially maps a shallow U-fashioned circle to the Bhira Dam’s backwaters. Despite the particular undeniable fact that the drop is non-stop, the high-quality humidity and slippery direction make it barely hard. The 13-kilometre trail takes about four-5 hours to finish.

The path winds through dense jungle, away from human settlements. due to the fact there do not appear to be any drinkable water assets alongside the course, deliver mild snacks and enough water to final (as a minimum 3 litres).

Trek Continues

As a jungle trek, Andharban gives perspectives of flora and fauna, with several chook species to be visible, which includes the chaatak, Malabar whistling thrush, dwarf kingfishers, and minivets, among others. The Indian large Squirrel has been visible within the world, but sightings are rare.

While the Andharban trek is also a reasonably easy trek, the weather can change, so ensure to check the weather before you begin the trek. During the monsoon season, the forest is flooded and also the trek starts at the Pimpri dam. The Kundalika river’s source, the Bhira dam, is reached after that. This trail might be a 14-km trip.

Detailed Guide of Trek

The Andharban trek could be a straightforward area available in the rainforest. It is a brief hike that’s mostly downhill and includes three major waterfalls. It takes ten hours to finish the entire walk.The trail is usually flat, but it’s essential to wear hiking clothes and a full set of clothes to safeguard your belongings from the rain. The Andharban trek could also be a good monsoon adventure within the hills of Maharashtra, and will be a singular experience to have.

The Andharban forest could also be a must-see destination for nature lovers. The plush green hills are home to waterfalls and large clouds. To get to the Bhira dam, the Andharban trip descends through a valley from a starting elevation of 2100 feet. The hike comes to an end at the destination, where a bus will pick you up. Once you have reached the tip of the trail, you’ll relax.

The Andharban trek can be a day-long jungle walk that features spectacular views of the landscape. There are several kinds of birds to be seen as you hike through the jungle. Several sorts of birds and minivets are often seen. You’ll also see the Indian giant squirrel. Andharban might be a must-do adventure for anyone who loves the jungle. If you are a nature lover, this trek is a rewarding experience.

The Andharban trek may well be a day-long hike through a dense forest. The trail is also a mix of rocky terrain, shady trees, and meadows. You’ll see gushing waterfalls and mesmerising streams of water. It’s a monsoon paradise! Andharban may well be a well-liked trekking destination in India. But if you’re scared of heights, be prepared for the climate.

The difficulty of the Andharban trek

The Andharban trek is rated as medium in terms of difficulty. The trail is clearly marked with white arrows that will lead you the entire distance. There are no scary spots on the journey. The trail begins at Pimpri Dam and is a mix of flat and descending terrain. However, starting the trek from Bhira Dam requires a lot of climbing, which can be exhausting. The trek is approximately 14 kilometres long and takes 5 to 7 hours to complete.

Best Season for Andharban Trek?

The monsoon season, which lasts from mid-June to mid-September, is the best time to visit the Andharban trek. The entire jungle is lush green and waterfalls abound. Winters are cold, and the forest is dense, so winter trekking is a good idea.

Permits required for the trek through the Andharban jungle

The most recent rule states that entering the Andharban jungle requires a permit. This is quickly obtained by registering on the Tamhini Wildlife Sanctuary website. The registration fee is INR 150 per person, with a daily limit of 500 people. Therefore, book your bookings as soon as you can.

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