Solar panels: 5 effective strategies to increase your sales in times of crisis

A solar panel crisis can occur at the least opportune moment, that is why it is important to always have a contingency plan in these cases, and above all to have a planning of strategies that boost sales, even for solar panel businesses.

If it is, for example, an economic recession, therefore, consumers are going to have a significant decrease in their income, which at the same time affects the business of selling solar panels.

For this reason, it is recommended to see the situation as an opportunity for the company.

it is not impossible and here we will tell you how to take advantage and have a positive perspective in times of crisis.

Crisis as an opportunity in solar panel sales

Next, we will talk about 5 strategies to increase the sale of solar panels in your business.

  1. Work on loyalty

This is a key point for any company in the photovoltaic sector, it is important to emphasize that the current customer is the most valuable part of your solar panel sales strategy.

Current customers are those we already know, they are those who trust our work and who have a great chance of buying our products or services again.

Work on loyalty

In times of crisis, it is difficult to attract new potential customers, so we recommend that you focus on a strategy that is aimed at your current buyers.

It is necessary to understand that forging a close relationship with the customer and achieving loyalty, allows the same to increase its number of orders in the long term, so this will positively affect the increase in sales.

You can offer them discounts, promotions, and exclusive benefits among others.

2. Attract new customers

Although this strategy is somewhat complex, it is not impossible because we cannot stay stagnant either.

On some occasions, what can affect a brand is the little presence it has, so we advise you that if you do not have constant visibility, then you should work on expanding your market, such as online media such as web pages. and social networks

3. Locate the strengths of your solar panel company

In your strategy to increase the sale of solar panels, consider and identify the strengths of your business. Many companies have grown exponentially, thanks to building on their strengths. Enhance that competitive advantage that makes you different from other solar panel companies and bet on it.

4. Increase your advertising strategies

An action that should never be missing from your strategic planning is the use of advertising channels, you can do it in two ways using traditional resources such as television

Radio, or newspaper or you can opt for advertising in digital media.

Advertising is key to attracting new potential customers, so do not hesitate to broaden your horizons, it is an investment that will bring you great benefits in the long run.

5. Create complementary products or services

The photovoltaic sector is full of many possibilities, so you should take advantage of that and integrate it into your sales strategy.

 For example, you can add to your service that when you buy Solar Panel Installation, you are given a free installation at the place of delivery. 

In conclusion, we know that generating sales in times of crisis can be daunting and complex, however, if you apply all the actions mentioned above.

Rest assured that your business will rise and you will learn much more about your company.  

9 tools to install solar panels necessary for equipment

For this reason, in this blog, we explain the tools and systems that your team will require to be able to carry out a photovoltaic installation efficiently.

Tools to install solar panels

The tools to install solar panels are an essential part of the equipment, and these are the ones that should not be missing from your kit.

1. Amp clamp

This tool is ideal when verifying if the solar panels are working properly, and also for the intensity of the electric current.

Sometimes it is useful to measure network harmonics.

2. Multimeter

The multimeter is also very useful to check the operation of the installation, showing data such as voltage, current, and resistance. 

You will also be able to know the insulation, continuity of the circuit, resistance, and polarity, among others in the solar modules and batteries.

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