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Advertising is one of the main factors that companies take into account. This is because, if used well, it helps the company make some profit. Creating and displaying or broadcasting a media ad is a bit expensive, even if the results are worth it. However, you can participate in other types of ads that are a bit cheap.

The use of banners at trade shows and exhibitions has taken root as a form of advertising. This method is not only used by large companies but also by rollups. A rollup is simply the merger of several small businesses into a single company with the same ideas and goals. These companies associate and organize themselves in trade fairs or exhibitions to market their products.

Trade Show Signs

During these road shows or exhibitions, rollup has adopted the idea of ​​using advertisements to attract customers. The common advertising method used is banners. This is because the banners are easily transportable, making them easy to take anywhere. Most Trade Show Signs take place in various locations across town or across the country, so banners are ideal as no transportation costs are incurred. Rollup banners are easy to organize and adapt. They can be fixed on moving vehicles more easily. This is also important as the message will be sent to various people in different parts of the state of the country in a simpler and more convenient way.

Roll-up banners can also be installed more easily than any other form of advertising. This is due to its portability factor. You’ll spend less than five minutes assembling the banner, which is why many businesses prefer to use them.

Best Trade Show Signs

There are different types of rollup banners such as one or two-sided banners, and bamboo or Luxe banners, among others. Rollup, being an ecological company, prefers to use bamboo canvases or Luxe canvases because they are more stable thanks to their more resistant bases.

These banners are available in different colors and designs and can have high-quality graphics. These factors have made them adaptable to many companies, including the abstract.

Online Trade Show Signs

The use of rollups ensures that your ads and graphics are totally safe. Unlike other forms of print advertising, roll-up banner graphics are highly protected, especially during transportation. This is due to the fact that they can be rolled up on a base, which reduces problems that can occur during transportation. Portable banners are also uniquely designed to withstand any serious damage that can befall them.

When purchasing banner rollups, you need to consider the size of the media. This is because a couple of banners can completely cover a booth or you can choose to purchase a set that can be used to wax a wall. These banners are suitable in any setting due to their ability to withstand any form of weather. This is because they are made of PVC and some have basic supports that put them above other supports at outdoor events. Roll-up banners are available from various online stores at affordable prices.

Best Trade Show Signs

Posters 4 tomorrow. posters for human rights

In 2009, 4tomorrow was born from a group of graphic designers who, from the profession, wanted to contribute their part in the pursuit of human rights. Thus, that same year, this project was born in Paris, which today has received more than 15,000 proposals for human rights posters, from more than 133 countries around the world.

The objective is to promote graphic activism worldwide, through the creation of human rights posters, whose theme always revolves around the fundamental rights of all people, such as freedom of expression, abolition of the death penalty, universal right to education, work, or decent housing.

Trade Show Signs

Making use of the internet as a tool for disseminating the message, the posters that the 4tomorrow community generates go viral on social networks, carrying with them an awareness message. Using the strength of the visual message for collective awareness purposes: is the best way to spread proactive thinking, in favor of social justice and human rights. Generating debate inside and outside the sector, not only through the internet but also physically through the exhibitions of human rights posters, which this organization organizes worldwide.

The poster projects for human rights

To date, 11 projects have been started where designers sent their proposals on a certain theme. At first closely related to human rights, but over time it has been taking more activist paths and raising awareness of other issues such as the health of the planet, extremism or fake news.
A list of the projects carried out so far:

  • Freedom of expression
  • Abolition of the death penalty
  • Education rights
  • Gender equality
  • Right to decent housing
  • Right to a job
  • The universal right to health
  • against extremism
  • Freedom of movement. Refugees
  • save the planet
  • Fake news or Fake News

Fakes news is the most recent theme launched by 4tomorrow for 2020. The call to participate in this edition of posters for tomorrow has now been opened. Where you will have time until May 10, 2020, to submit your proposals.

The Internet brought with it the ability to spread our message in a fast, direct, and segmented way. Projects like 4tomorrow exist thanks to the dissemination tools that we have. However, for some years now, we have been living in an era of misinformation, where fake news spreads faster than real news.

Some data:
Fake news receives 70% more retweets than real news because they tend to elicit responses associated with fear, outrage, or surprise.

Within this ‘package’ of Fake News themes, political fake news is even faster in its spread, tripling the average of ‘normal’ fake news (incredible that we are talking about normal fake news), to manipulate society, and interfere in decision-making.

Bots spread fake news in the same way as real news, so they are not directly responsible for this collective massification of disinformation. We humans are the ones who generate this virality and choose what content to share.

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