Places to go to in Bangalore For Youngsters


Bangalore may be a lively city that caters to the ‘hip and happening’ generation of youngsters. A potpourri of cultures, the town boasts fabulous options to keep the young (and the young at heart) hooked without any complaints. Whether spending a fun-frolic outing , indulging in adventure activities, shopping, dining, taking road trips, or partying after sundown, you’ll be spoilt for choice of things to do in Bangalore for youngsters.

Taking a Vineyard Tour

Among other things, Bangalore and its surrounding areas are home to quite few breathtaking vineyards. Plan a visit down to one of these vineyards and make the most of your time by learning about the art of winemaking. you’ll even indulge in a session of wine tasting; some of these places also offer activities such as grape stomping. Here are our picks:

Microlight Flying

When it involves adventure activities for youngsters in Bangalore, the sky is your limit! We mean it quite literally. you’ll actually take off on a two-seater microlight aircraft and fly up in the sky. you’ll have an expert co-pilot to guide you in this thrilling activity that lasts from 15 to 20 minutes.


Paintballing is synonymous with intense fun and thrill. once you are in Bangalore, you’ll have a fun-filled day by indulging in paintballing with your gang. Adding to the experience is that the choice of the latest paintballing equipment and huge spaces to engage in this war-like game with all enthusiasm.


We aren’t talking about just any go-karting experience. The Garden City offers you the chance to indulge in this adrenaline-pumping sport in karting tracks that are at par with international standards. Whether you’re a budding racer or a pro, you’ll love to race in the latest models of karts.

Visiting an funfair

There’s no denying that amusement parks are the Mecca of fun activities for kids in Bangalore. For an adrenaline rush and soaring combo of fun and thrill.

Exploring Snow City

True to its name, Snow City is an unlimited indoor snow theme park that lures you to a snowy world full of fun and frolic. Here you’ll indulge in various activities, like snow rafting, snow sliding, snow basketball, snow hiking , and even dancing on a snow floor , beat -5° Celsius temperature.

Partying Hard at Nightclubs and Pubs

There’s a reason why the nightclubs and pubs feature among the highest places to visit in Bangalore for youngsters. The energetic vibe and upbeat ambiance at these places, combined with great food and beverages, make them an enormous draw.

Exploring the Shopping Malls

The shopping malls in Bangalore are an entire world of fun and entertainment. You’ll hang out, shop, dine, watch movies, and even enjoys games and sports. Here’s our list of the highest malls in Bangalore:

Indulging in Street shopping

Youngsters like to splurge on goodies, and therefore the shopping streets of. The city are treasure troves of all kinds of things, including clothes, shoes, jewelry. Sports goods, condiments, spices, bags, electronics, and what not. Here are a number of the main shopping markets in Bangalore.

Relishing Bangalore’s Street Food

Bangalore is every young foodie’s delight. You’ll explore a plethora of delicacies at the sumptuous street stalls of the city at pocket-friendly prices. We list out here the highest street food spots in Bangalore:

Visiting Bannerghatta park

Fancy seeing the wondrous world of untamed animals from close quarters? Head out to Bannerghatta National Park. Another favorite hangout destination of kids in the city. don’t miss out on visiting the butterfly park or taking the animal safari there.

Hanging Out at Bangalore’s Unique Cafés

Bangalore has several cafés where the wonderful ambiance is complemented by great food. Here comes our list of some unique cafes in the city where youngsters can hang out for hours on end.

Taking a Road Trip

If you’re passionate about traveling, you’ll satiate the wanderlust in you with exciting road trips from Bangalore. The pleasant weather and therefore the scenic routes definitely add. To the excitement of the journey. some popular road trip routes are:

Visiting Nandi Hills

Challenge the adventure-seeker in you with a visit to the Nandi Hills. One among the best places to visit in Bangalore with friends. Experience the joys of trekking on rails that lead to the viewpoint or cycle up the. Whole way and enjoy the mesmerizing view from there. you’ll even paraglide over this ancient hill fortress and get a bird’s eye view of the surroundings.

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