A Complete Solution to Merge PDF Files into One Document

The standard file format for business and papers is PDF. You don’t have to be concerned about losing information in the event of an outage because they are simple to distribute and can be edited offline. But what if you want to create a PDF by combining many files? Or perhaps you just want to start from scratch and produce a PDF? We’ll show you some simple ways to merge PDF files into one document.

Joining Multiple Files to One PDF Document – Advantages

1. Maintains Entire Data at a Single Location- Merging relatable data files in one place helps in accessing those from one location rather than searching for separate data files in a different location.  

2. Ease of Sharing – To lower the time of sending or receiving process one can add two PDFs together. Also, makes it easier when sharing one file with other users rather than sending multiple chunks of files having the same data. 3. Reducing File Management Issues– There are high chances of files getting corrupted because of having uncountable PDF files. Also, sometime misplacement of files also makes it difficult to find vital documents when required. Hence using the merge option make it convenient to fetch them.

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Merge PDF Files Into One Document With Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC Pro is available which come with various different option for document management, it provides the features to print, edit, comment, split/merge add signature extract PDF documents. Users can simply use the monthly/yearly subscription and experience the functionalities present. Those who have this tool can go through the steps and start merging their files. 

  1. Initially, look for the file to merge, click to open the file and  Tools -> Combine Files.
  2. Now, add as many files as you would like by pressing the Add Files option. Press Add Open Files to include the currently viewing file.
  3. Adjust/Change the sequence including that of single pages, by dragging and dropping each to the desired location.
  4. Finally, hit the Combine to accomplish the procedure.

Free Online Solution to Add Two PDFs Together

To quickly join your PDF files without spending any money, one can go for the Online free tool. On the internet, there are several tools are available to merge or split PDF files. We suggest to use the tool offered by Adobe. 

  • Simply Open your web browser and enter the PDF file splitter, 
  • Choose the PDF file you want to divide.
  • Sign in after Acrobat has uploaded your file. (Can sign in using Google Account)
  • To configure the page ranges for each split PDF file you require, use divider lines.
  • To save the divided PDF files, click Save after selecting a folder and clicking Continue.

Note – One who is having a small PDF file can easily use any tool to merge PDF files. However, at the time data leak issues also arise or changes in data corruption are also there. So, when having larger files, this method is not at all suggested to use. 

Use Quick Step Solution to Merge PDF files into one document

For normal files, using the above-mentioned method could be easier. However, when the same files are locked or have restrictions. It becomes a tedious task to do for each secured file. Users will need to unlock the file using Adobe Acrobat, then they can begin the merging process.

To cut down the time and energy, users can go for the PDF File Merge Software which is an automated tool helping users not only remove the applied protection but also assists to merge their files as they want to. The software offers an intuitive user interface, making it simple for anyone to use, regardless of technical proficiency.

 To add two PDFs together, go along with the steps and use the tool to combine one or more PDF files:

1. The software should be downloaded and launched to merge PDF files into one document, then mark the Merge option.

merge PDF files into one document

2. Using the Add Files/Folder button to insert PDF files or a folder. Check the files added and hit Next. 

inserting PDF files

3. Now in the tab Split/Merge, select the option to either merge by range or by size. Also, select the location path of the folder to save the merged PDF files.

choosing option to merge

4. Finally, hit the Merge button to begin the process.  

merge PDF files into one document

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We have covered the advantages of combining multiple PDF files followed by the manual methods to merge PDF files into one document in this blog. However the majority of users don’t have the full Adobe Acrobat Pro DC programme, therefore they can’t insert multiple files into a single one using this method. For merging two or more secured PDF file pages, we have discussed an automated PDF Merger tool. Which combines numerous PDF files into one, utilise this tool. Given two options here, the user may select whatever option best suits their needs.

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