Large-format ceiling lamps to illuminate modern offices

If we have large spaces with great heights. Placing a larger ceiling lamp enhances the space and achieves very interesting architectural effects. Our Scala luminaire is undoubtedly an option to consider.

Suspended industrial lamps for offices

There are situations where adapted industrial elements also give a touch of class to office lighting.

Having a good strategy when creating a connection between light and emotions is essential for restaurants, shops, hotels, or museums, among other examples, to present welcoming spaces and generate a positive emotional influence on customers. As experts in carrying out custom lighting projects, here are some tips to highlight emotional lighting.

The importance of lighting in hotels. Light and emotions for your guests.

Choosing the right lighting elements, depending on the area we want to highlight, is essential to raise the aesthetic value of the establishment. Therefore, we will offer a striking and careful image to customers. Along the same lines, it is important to study which are the most suitable products, in order to take advantage of their benefits and have optimal functionality. For example, with smart bulbs, we can turn the lights on and off from a  smartphone or other devices. We can also manage the intensity of light, and even program it on or off.

On the other hand, choosing  LED lights is the best investment to save on bills, since their energy consumption is minimal. However, although the purpose of projecting light with low consumption is the same in all cases, lights intended for interiors do not have the same characteristics as for industrial spaces. That is why we recommend always relying on professionals, to receive complete advice and prepare a different analysis for each area.

Experts know perfectly well the advantages that the application of the psychology of color brings to the world of lighting, and how colors cause effects emotions. We refer, for example, to warm colors for lights with yellow or orange tones, which generally arouse positive and welcoming reactions. On the contrary, we speak of cold lights to refer to those with white or bluish tones, which cause a feeling of calm and are located at points where maximum clarity is necessary.

In the same way, if we want our hotel rooms to be associated with spring and the freshness it conveys, the best choice is green walls illuminated with a warm touch. And if we want to have elegant and formal rooms, nothing better than gray colors with slightly cooler lighting. With all these factors in mind, it will be much easier to create a lighting-based aesthetic that matches the style of the hotel.

Tips for lighting  a hotel  lobby

We must be aware that the lobby is one of the most important areas of the hotel because it is the first room that customers see. The main objective should therefore be to give the best impression when receiving visitors.

We remember that lighting affects the senses and emotions. Thus, if we want to create a warm and calm environment, the commitment to indirect light through spotlights or LED light strips will be our best ally. If we want to offer a pleasant environment, we will achieve it with intense and directional lights, aimed at specific places such as sofas, tables, or paintings Visit Here.

Large lamps with striking shapes, such as chandeliers for rustic styles or ceiling chandeliers for elite environments, will capture the attention of customers and give the lobby a  unique exclusivity and sophistication. When it comes to lighting the reception, we need to use creativity to highlight the features that most interest us.

As we have seen,  light and emotions are two concepts that must go together to awaken comfortable sensations in customers. With the help of professional lighting companies, it will be easier to achieve cozy atmospheres. Take note of the ideas exposed and, if necessary, ask us for information!

Single-family home lighting correctly

The lighting of a single-family home must fit in harmony and functionality with its architecture. That is why in our home lighting projects we always have this premise.

Below we will show some of the solutions used with our high-quality LED luminaires and a current design.

In this first case, we encountered problems with the lighting installation since we did not have a false ceiling. Therefore, height-adjustable surface-mounted luminaires were chosen.

In other cases, it is interesting to have lighting rails with led projectors or linear lights. This solution gives a lot of flexibility to lighting. It is important that these lanes and spotlights are of a reasonable size. Sometimes we see in some projects lane spotlights for retail in homes.

The use of linear lighting under furniture is also an efficient solution when we cannot use recessed or surface-mounted spotlights to enhance these areas. In kitchen lighting, it is usual to support ourselves with this type of lighting.

The use of perimeter lighting in plaster pits gives a very pleasant general lighting result if done correctly. In addition to outlining the geometry of the room.

For common or transit areas. The use of linear light or recessed walls or floors is small and aesthetic. It is also another option that, if planned and carried out correctly, gives very grateful results.

Single-family home lighting. Tips to consider.

In the interior lighting of homes it is important to take into account some premises:

  • Plan the points of light: It is important to know how many units we must install. And what effect are we going to achieve with the type of luminaire chosen? Hiring a company to carry out a lighting project for you is always a good option.
  • Each area or use of the different spaces needs different lighting. The light in the kitchen work area is not the same. That is on the headboard.
  • Take care of glare. This is achieved with a good choice of luminaires and regulation and control systems.
  • Combine different types of lighting.
  • Be careful with the choice of color temperatures. If we buy different types of luminaires in department stores or non-specialized stores, each one will have a different hue (one whiter, the other a little more yellow…) Breaking the harmony of your home. Warmth is something highly valued in the lighting of a home.
  • Respect the proportions of the lights or lamps. If you have a very small table or a house with a low height. It is not advisable to put a large lamp suspended from the ceiling.

Single-family home exterior lighting

There are many ways to light the exterior of a home. And this depends very much on what this exterior is like the façade, and the taste of the client himself.

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