Importance Of Multichannel Customer Engagement For Brands

Multichannel Customer Engagement For Brands

While new businesses are on the rise, one thing that genuinely bothers any brand is the amount of effort it takes to make a mark in the market. Your customers could be eyeing your competitor’s product just because it kept showing up in front of them.

The market is definitely crowded, but it’s not too saturated. There’s space for your brand to grow and acquire loyal customers if your customer engagement strategy hits the nail on the head. Your communication with the customers should bring about more engagement by being available to your customers. Gone are the days when doing one outstanding marketing campaign would give you all the hype in the world. At this point, omnipresence and consistency matter the most.

Why use QuickMetrix as your customer engagement management platform?

A customer engagement platform is like a command centre that enables effective communication with your leads and customers and tracks and manages those conversations to enhance your sales and customer retention. It eliminates the challenge of keeping up with customer expectations by providing you with a multichannel customer engagement experience.

What sets QuickMetrix apart as the best ORM tool for multichannel customer engagement:

  1. Used for multiple digital and social media channels: Cross-channel engagement is one of the most crucial parts of a solid customer engagement strategy. QuickMetrix is an online reputation management (ORM) tool that helps you track conversations and engage customers via multiple channels including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Instagram, WhatsApp, and news.
  1. Tagging for business classification: You need data to improve your business strategy, and there’s nothing better than first degree data that’s already tagged and sorted as per your need. Having customer engagement platform QuickMetrix in place allows you to compartmentalise customer data with minimum hassle.
  1. Sentiment analysis: Conducting individual surveys is one way of gathering data from your customers. But sentiment analysis is a far better option. Using a customer engagement tool like QuickMetrix can give you direct insight into how your prospects and customers feel about your brand. It analyzes customer sentiment by using customer interaction data from all over the internet. Instead of getting your customers to go through the tedious process of filling out surveys, this NLP-based tool can give you a clearer picture of how popular your brand is.
  1. Routing to the right teams within organisations: Multichannel communication brings its own set of complex issues. A conversation could be about return and exchange, about customer service, or about anything else for that matter. You need a system to tag these conversations for ease of routing them to the relevant team. QuickMetrix makes it simple for your customer service team to tag and route these conversations to the right department with minimal manual intervention. This saves time and makes the communication seamless.

Guiding principles to help you nail multichannel customer engagement

why is posotive customer experience crucial
why is posotive customer experience crucial

Identify the customer communication channels your customer prefers:

Not everyone hangs out on every digital platform. To create the best multichannel customer engagement strategy for your brand, it is imperative to identify where your prospects and customers are most likely to be.

A survey by CMO Counsil indicates that today’s consumers across industries expect companies they do business with to provide multiple engagement channels. The top five channels were:

  • Email (86% of participants)
  • Telephone (65%)
  • Website (53%)
  • Text (52%)
  • In-person (48%)

The same survey reveals how only 13% of brands are fully meeting this expectation. So regardless of the competition in your industry, a multichannel engagement strategy can help your brand stand out from the others.

Quick tips to identify customer engagement channels:

  • Understand the current trends and how customers prefer getting in touch with a brand.
  • Offer support over a few channels you can handle.
  • Maintain consistency across the support channels.

Link all the customer communication channels to a centralised dashboard:

The main purpose of having a customer engagement system in place is being able to collate data from multiple channels. Having a platform like QuickMetrix allows you to create a compiled dashboard. It becomes way easier and simpler to create consistent customer engagement strategies using the data gathered and compiled from multiple channels, including social media platforms, email, paid ads, and beyond.

The benefits of a centralised dashboard are:

  • You can respond quickly to queries resulting in better average response time.
  • Easy access to customer data that can be visualised over a single dashboard.
  • Improved productivity as you don’t have to switch between multiple channels.

Proactive management of multichannel customer engagement:

Creating multiple ways to engage with your customers also comes with a responsibility of being present on all those platforms. This becomes quite difficult without a streamlined and efficient system to help you.

QuickMetrix multichannel customer engagement platform can help by:

  • Minimising the wait time.
  • Consistent customer experience across all platforms.

Join the conversations on social media:

As a brand, it is important for you to show up and communicate with your customers not only when there’s an issue, but also for continued engagement.

When you recognize an issue, apologise:

While automation can take care of more than 80% of interaction on the behalf of your brand, it is necessary that you show up and add a human touch wherever necessary. Wherever you spot grave issues, make sure you have resources in place for human intervention. Apologising for your mistakes as a brand makes you more human and more likeable.


Having multichannel support is not an option anymore. Your customers expect you to do so. They aspire to shop with brands that care and show up for their customers. Instead of manually managing a multichannel customer engagement strategy, use a platform that can automate this for you. Using a customer engagement tool, your customer support teams can spend their time on value-driven activities.

With multiple brands competing to acquire and retain more customers, this is your chance to improve your customer engagement and bag way more customers than before.

A robust customer engagement platform like QuickMetrix can help here because it’s virtually impossible to manage a multichannel customer engagement engine manually. QuickMetrix can help you streamline channel management, allow for scaling customer support, reduce duplication, and decide upon the best channels to continue with for maximum customer engagement.

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