How to prepare for IELTS in 10 Days??

IELTS in 10 days

Prepare for IELTS

Are you preparing for IELTS and you don’t know where to start? This article is definitely for you, it will help you how to prepare for IELTS in 10 days.

IELTS exam in 10days

Study Plan to Pass the IELTS Exam in 10days

In order to get a good score, your IELTS preparation must be thorough. Take the following ladder to enhance your test scores:

Understand the Structure

It is crucial that you understand the structure of the exam. IELTS has 4 sections which include Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Evaluation the mock test sheets to understand the type of questions asked. If you know the pattern, you will be able to approach the questions with more confidence when taking the IELTS exam yourself.

Pro tip: For the first 2 days, read the structure, grading model, things to score, and other relevant details so that the structure and format is clear in your mind.

Approach Each Section Individually

As mentioned, there are different sections in the test.

Spend about two days on each section. Start with the reading part. Reread the passages and answer the adjacent questions.

Set aside the next two days to listen. Most people find this section quite difficult, especially because of the difference in accent. Listen to various audio clips and learn more about this section.

The next few days could be used to prepare for the writing section. You would be expected to write two essays, so practice writing for an hour every day and ask your friends/family for feedback.

And then, dedicate two days to talk. When you separate the work, it becomes more methodical and easier to manage.

Identify Reading Techniques

Anyone who has passed the IELTS exam will always tell you that there are reading techniques that help you pass this section. The main technique is to learn to skim and skim the passage without reading every word.

Pro Tip: You won’t have time to read every word, so practice reading passages and researching keywords as this will help you manage your time.

Listen To Audio Samples

A very good trick to crack IELTS is to listen to various audio clips online. You need to familiarize yourself with the different accents and tones.

Pro Tip: Listen to news reports, interviews, commercials, and more. from the BBC and you will be very familiar with the various accents and tones.

Talk to Someone Who Is Fluent In English

It’s a great idea for you to talk to someone who is fluent in English, rather than just practicing on your own. Speaking in English every day with your friends and family will help you gain confidence and feel comfortable with the language.

Pro Tip: Speak in front of somebody who can give you sensible or realistic advice and tell you where you need to improve.

To get good IELTS scores, you usually need lots of practice and someone who can get you comfortable with the language. IELTS mentors have a big role to play in getting you fluent in the language. Leap Scholar has mentored over 1000 students to achieve 7+ IELTS group scores. Check out their IELTS program now!

Take Mock Tests

There are many websites that provide free mock IELTS tests that can help you crack IELTS easily. You can also get books with mock tests. Get your hands on as many mock tests as you can and keep taking them.

Pro Tip: Try to take at least two mock exams a day during these 15 days. The more you practice, the more likely you will be to score above 7 on the actual test.

Register for the Online IELTS Program from IELTS Coaching

Sometimes the process of self-study becomes hectic and directionless and you cannot take the risks to keep your study abroad dream in jeopardy. In such situations, joining the IELTS preparation course is a smart choice to crack the IELTS in one go. Leap Scholar has been proven to work with over 1000 students across India to make their studies abroad a reality.

They have their course designed this way, which is guaranteed to give you success with a band score of 7+. One-on-one feedback on your strengths and weaknesses is something that has boosted the confidence of thousands of students for IELTS speaking and writing levels.

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