How to clean windows professionally

How to clean windows professionally. Learn about the best cleaning techniques to have sparkling windows. 

How to clean windows professionally. Learn about the best professional glass cleaning techniques to have sparkling windows.

Cleaning windows is not an easy task and for them to be shiny, we must take a series of factors into account.

If you prefer not to do it on your own, it is best that you put yourself in the hands of a specialized company to get the most out of your windows. At SCS Group Integrated Services we have a team of experts in window cleaning with the safety knowledge to carry out this task.

But if you prefer to get to work, today we share some tricks so you know how to clean windows professionally . Let’s start!


Factors to consider before cleaning

Before choosing your tools and cleaning, you should know some factors so that you can gain the most suitable to clean your crystals.


To know how to clean windows professionally, keep in mind the location of the crystals, if they are located outside or inside, since the factors that dirty the crystals are different in each place. Inside they get stained with daily activity, such as hand stains or dust. Outside, it’s the weather like rain or sand.


Knowing the height of the crystals is important since the elements needed to clean large and tall crystals are not the same as for Accessible areas. If they are tall, you will need a ladder or pole and elements that guarantee your safety.

However, it is not very common to have the right tools for it, since its price is high and it is necessary to know how to do it correctly to avoid accidents. It is advisable to hire a professional window cleaning company because they are experts in accessing areas of difficult access and it is more profitable economically.

Type of stains

Observe the stain and the type of dirt that the crystals present on their surface to know what has caused it and choose the products.

If the crystals have mud, use a non-aggressive brush to scrape it off and remove as much as possible before wetting it, as excess mud could spread across the crystal if we wet it and make cleaning difficult.

In addition, when some type of work is carried out, remains of materials usually fall on the crystals. To eliminate them, we must use a chemical product always following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Tools you need

If you want to have your own window cleaning tool kit, you will need:

  • Brush.
  • Moisturizer.
  • Window cleaning strip.
  • Soap or window cleaning product.
  • Microfiber cloth.
  • Tweezers.
  • scraper
  • Cube.

How to clean crystals perfectly

The first thing to do is check if the glass has sand or mud residue. If so, a dry brush should remove excess and facilitate cleaning.

Keep wetting the surface with the brush, but don’t forget the corners! If you are outside, you will need to apply much more water than inside, as the weather can dry out the glass.

Pour the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid wasting it and to avoid leaving residues or stains when it dries.

Start cleaning according to the most suitable method for your crystals, which we will explain below. For each method, finish with a pass with the cloth to dry the surface and avoid residues that can cause stains when dry.

To clean crystals, there are different procedures. Use the one that best suits the surface and the one that is easiest for you. Among them we find:


Place the ruler at the end of the glass in a horizontal position and go straight down to the bottom. Rinse the lip of the rubber to remove any dirt and start again a little offset from the previous area. In this way, we can divide the glass into columns to cover the entire surface.


We follow the same steps as the previous method, but with the difference that when you place the strip, you do it vertically on the end and move it from one side to the other, dividing it into rows.


Start from the top of the glass horizontally and go down to the bottom in a zig-zag. The difference is that the rubber lip does not come off the glass until it reaches the bottom.

Standard with bar

In this method, we insert accessories such as tweezers in a bar to join it with the strip and reach higher, which we will have to exert more pressure. You can use the vertical or horizontal system, but if you do it horizontally, we recommend that you make an inverted “L” movement to take advantage of the movement of the descent and save time. Every time you go down you have to dry the lip of the rubber.

How to clean windows professionally is not an easy task. Tools and products are not available to everyone and purchasing them is often the least profitable option. Ideally, use a professional window cleaning service, as they have everything you need to ensure a flawless finish and are trained on safety when cleaning windows at height.

SCS Group Integrated Services offers extensive window cleaning services to leave a well-cared and maintained result. You can request. Your budget for free and contact us with questions. We will be happy to help you!

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