How to clean solar panels and plates

How to clean panels and solar plates. Find out what the procedure is to clean them and thus achieve their maximum energy performance.


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    • How to clean solar panels and plates?
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How to clean panels and solar plates. Find out what the procedure is to clean them and thus achieve their maximum energy performance.

Over time, solar panels accumulate dirt, leaf debris, debris, and dust. This type of dirt can hinder the passage of light to the panels. Affecting performance at its maximum capacity to produce energy. Create hot spaces that can damage them, so it is advisable to carry out maintenance frequently.

After the haze was caused in several cities in Australia. Cleaning of solar panels has become one of the most demanded services. Along with the cleaning of facades and windows. SCS Group Integrated Services has a team of professionals in comprehensive building maintenance. Specialized in cleaning solar panels. With knowledge of all the safety measures necessary to carry out this work.

Today we give you some tips on how to clean solar panels and plates. In the most correct way so that they can get the most energy performance.

Cleaning plates and solar panels

Cleaning solar panels is not a very complicated task. Thanks to the ease with which the material with which they are sealed, glass. It can be cleaned in order to protect them from possible damage to the internal circuits. With a simple “soak” with water you can remove the dirt or dust that is on the surface yourself. Thanks to the ease of cleaning glass.

If we installed solar panels on high-rise roofs, Their cleaning can pose a danger to people. Especially if they are in areas that are difficult to access. Making it difficult to reach all corners. If this reason occurs, it is advisable to hire companies specialized in cleaning photovoltaic installations. In order to avoid possible accidents.

When should solar panels be cleaned?

Many people who depend on this type of energy wonder how to clean solar panels and when is the right time.

The first thing we should do is check the level of dirt on the solar panels to see if they need cleaning. To do this, you can physically inspect them to see if they have dust, bird droppings or other types of dirt, such as haze, and dust that has stained so many buildings, streets or solar panels in recent months.

Another way is to detect if there are losses of 50% over the normal production of the solar panel. This will indicate that the solar panels have to be cleaned so that they are capable of producing energy to the maximum of their capacity.

As for the frequency, we recommend it to clean solar panels between 3 or 4 times a year. However, in winter they do not need to be cleaned as often because the rain contributes to their cleaning. But, we remind you to avoid cleaning on rainy, snowy or windy days to avoid falls and physical damage.

Of course, during the summer they may need more because it rains less, but I recommended it to do it during the first or last hours of the day so that the temperature is lower.

If we clean in the middle of the day, we run a greater risk of getting hurt by burns if we touch the high temperatures of the panel and, furthermore, if we pour water when the plate is hot, a thermal shock occurs that can result in deterioration of the photovoltaic modules.

How to properly clean solar panels?

Materials you will need

  • Bucket of warm water with a small drop of soap, preventing it from generating foam so that no traces of soap remain on the solar panel when it dries.
  • Use a cotton cloth or polyester brush with thick teeth and only wet with water and a little soap, so that the plate does not suffer any scratches or damage.
  • If the panel that needs cleaning is inaccessible, you can use a pole and attach a brush, sponge or cloth to reach more height.
  • If you live in an area where there is a lot of vehicle or plane traffic, it is recommended to use isopropyl alcohol to remove the remains of oily stains.

And remember, abrasive soaps or liquids along with non-corresponding cleaning tools should not be used to clean solar panels as they could damage and deteriorate the surface.

How to clean solar panels and plates?

The first thing you should do is wet the solar panels so that the dirt softens and is easier to remove. Do not use high pressure hoses or pressure washers to avoid damaging the plates.

Next, moisten the rag or brush with water in a bucket and make zig-zag motions to pick up the dirt. Dip the rag or brush into the bucket to remove dirt and start over until the entire panel is clean.

We recommend that you always check the manufacturer’s instructions in case there are specific considerations that must be taken into account when cleaning the plates.

Safety stockings

If you decide to carry out the cleaning on your own without having a team specialized in cleaning solar panels and panels , you must take all the necessary security measures to be able to carry out the work without any risk. Use non-slip footwear that does not damage the surface of the plate and anchor yourself with a harness or safety belt to some resistant element to prevent falls.

We hope that this article has helped you to clarify your doubts about how to clean solar panels and plates . If you are looking for a company that can help you with the cleaning of your photovoltaic installation,contact us and ask for your budget with SCS Group Integrated Services  without any commitment. We will be happy to help you!

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