How Can I-Med Claims Assist You With Billing And Coding?

pulmonology billing services

Our certified medical coders and billing experts handle all types of medical billing, including common documentation gaps, ensuring your practice receives the highest reimbursement for services rendered. We work hard to improve your business and provide an understanding of lead generation. This includes patient registration, insurance enrollment, scheduling, verification, authorizations, charge capture, coding, billing and account reconciliation, denial management, and appeals. In addition, we support HIPAA-compliant patient privacy and error-free medical billing and coding to ensure accurate diagnoses and treatment procedures. We also provide cost-effective and time-saving monitoring and liaison services.

Important Features To Consider When Choosing A Medical Billing Company

We are the best choice for outsourcing medical billing services because we have years of experience in billing services and can solve problems quickly and efficiently. This has enabled us to offer services at a competitive price without sacrificing quality. In addition, our team is well-versed in HIPAA guidelines and consistently adheres to the latest regulations. We also offer pharmacy transactions, claims processing, document processing, and other services.

With our pulmonology billing services, you can reduce your administrative costs by 40%.
Billing processes are in safe hands with us.
Our billing process will increase your collections and decrease your operating costs.
Our AR trackers will take care of your outstanding accounts.
We guarantee our low-cost billing service from experts.
We reduce your medical practice’s overall cash flow and financial management.

Benefits Of Hiring Us For Pulmonology Medical Billing Services

We have consistently provided the best support to practices seeking full-time pulmonology billing positions. Here are some of the many reasons why we are the preferred billing partner for billing companies and practices:

Certified Billing Services
We are HIPAA-compliant billing experts, and our clients appreciate our focus on digital and paper-based medical billing methods because of the tangible results our team produces.

Data Security
Healthcare data is a concern because the connection between patients and physicians can suffer if it falls into the wrong hands. That’s why we have strict data management policies in place for the sake of your client and your project.

High accuracy and quality
We assure you that your billing needs will be met without errors or other deficiencies when you outsource billing services to us. In addition, our quality assurance experts review billing data for HIPAA compliance.

Quick turnaround
Our team’s adaptability and expertise in billing services will amaze you. We can shorten the time you spend waiting for reimbursements by handling the paperwork.

Scalable services

We understand the challenges you encounter when billing services cannot be customized. We address the issue by providing scalable pulmonology billing services to provide you with a satisfying experience.

Affordable pricing options

The pulmonology billing service is cost-effective because it can be tailored to your requirements with our assistance. Flexibility in prices can assist you in getting the most out of our service while avoiding frustration.

Single Point of contact 

We can provide a dedicated connection who can personally assist you if you require billing valuable advice. In addition, the single person will collaborate with medical billers to produce timely reports for increased transparency and accountability.

A Skilled Team of Billing Specialists

We have a massive group of qualified, trained pulmonology billing professionals on staff who can handle medical billing with care. Our certified billers have domain expertise and know the correct billing practices to ensure claim reimbursement as quickly as possible.

Modern infrastructure 

Our infrastructure is regularly upgraded in technology, devices, and security to ensure that the billing process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Exchange of Secure Data

We use VPN and SFTP to facilitate data sharing, sending, and securely receiving information. This system is reliable and effective.

Round-the-clock Availability

We can reach you anytime and anywhere because we have many worldwide offices with qualified technical support staff who can alleviate your concern with timely assistance.

A company that does not have a broad range of pulmonology billing experience will have a difficult time tracking underpayments because the rules for multiple procedures and pulmonology procedures provide for much more complicated contractual adjustments than the claims of a typical primary care physician or internist. In addition, the billing software and system design of many billing companies are often inadequate for the more complicated reporting and insurance tracking requirements needed when billing for pulmonology practices.

The medical billing difficulties created by pulmonology also affect patient billing. Billing patients is more challenging for a pulmonologist because most billings are quite high. Coupled with the difficulty of explaining the complicated service descriptions and pulmonology terminology on the bills to patients, patient collection specialists who are knowledgeable about pulmonology billing are needed. If patients are not handled carefully, pulmonologists can expect their collections to drop and their patient complaints to rise – not a good combination.

The bottom line: it’s not worth the risk to work with a billing company that doesn’t specialize in pulmonology billing.

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