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Double Vs. Triple Glazed Window: What Is The Best Option?

Windows are no longer an optional extra in today’s well-designed spaces; rather, they are an integral part of the design. The advancement of technology has enabled common windows to not only provide a variety of material and design alternatives but also to provide advantageous thermal properties. This is accomplished by the application of extra layers of glass in a window using a technique called glazing.

Triple-glazed windows have emerged as a viable alternative to double-glazed windows as a means of enhancing a building’s ability to maintain a comfortable temperature while also reducing its overall energy consumption. Which arrangement would work best for the area you have available? Let’s take a look at what sets these two things apart from one another.

What exactly is “Glazing”?

First, let’s get a grasp on the science underlying glazing before we go into the specifics of the differences between double- and triple-paned windows. A glazed window consists of many panes of glass that are separated by a layer of argon gas that is in the centre of the window. These kinds of windows provide total thermal insulation since air is a poor heat conductor. As a result, they can keep a room’s air warm while also preventing cold air from entering the space. Glazing may be an essential component in preventing heat loss via a room’s windows, which is why it is so crucial to have it installed in both your house and your place of business.

Double Glazed Windows

Windows that have been double-glazed consist of two separate panes of glass that are separated by a layer of inert gas. In comparison to standard windows, these ones provide double the amount of insulation. Double glazing U value is referred to as heat transfer coefficients. They are used to evaluate the insulating properties of different construction components.

The Advantages Of Having Double-Glazed Windows

  • Space can be made more soundproof by installing double-pane windows, which block out sounds from the street. 
  • Double-paned windows can assist in bringing down overall energy expenses. Because of their exceptional insulating capabilities, areas remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which results in lower monthly utility costs. 
  • These windows are meant to be waterproof, which prevents water droplets from freezing on the surface and making the inside of the building chilly during the winter months.

Cons Of Having Double-Glazed Windows

  • The price of double-paned windows is somewhat more than the price of normal ones.
  • Because of their ability to trap heat, the inside of a building may become stuffy during the summer.
  • If the glass breaks or there is a breach in the airtight seal, it is not feasible to repair the damage; rather, the whole pane of glass will need to be replaced.

Triple-Glazed Windows

Triple-glazed windows have three separate panes of glass sandwiched between two layers of inert gas. They are inserted into a frame made of uPVC or aluminium, which makes the insulation better and makes installation simpler. Triple glazing u value is closer to 0.8 W/m2K.

The Advantages Of Having Triple-Glazed Windows

  • Triple-glazed windows, which are more rigid and robust than regular windows, provide great insulation performance. This is especially significant in areas with severe weather since insulation is one of the most important factors in determining heating and cooling costs.
  • In addition to this, they have a low sound transmission coefficient and are resistant to the effects of dampness.
  • Because the thicker area is more difficult to break through. The vandals will have a more difficult time breaking through the three layers of glass that they have installed.
  • Additionally, as compared to standard windows and windows with two panes of glass. These windows provide substantial savings in terms of energy.

Cons Of Having Triple-Glazed Windows

  • These windows, just like every other component of a building, have the potential to have issues from time to time.
  • Triple-paned windows are sometimes more difficult to operate. Than double-paned ones due to the additional weight imposed by the presence of three separate panes of glass inside each window.
  • In addition, triple-paned windows are not suggested for installation in pre-existing buildings that have inadequate or nonexistent wall insulation. An example of this would be a home that does not have insulation.
  • The weight may also cause a rise in the labour expenses involved with your installation. Additionally, their casements have width constraints and are occasionally restricted when they are opened. These factors will need to be considered before the installation is performed.
  • It has been noted by certain constructors that, because of the thickness of the glass. This is condensation may form on the surface of the window’s exterior at times.

You Can Find Options On The Market That Are Better Than These Two.

What is CUIN Glass Window

CUIN glass, in its innovative form, incorporates suspended film inside insulating glass units. This results in the application of one of the most complex technologies currently available in the glazing industry. Which results in a product that is both energy efficient and ground-breaking in its application. CUIN glass is a product that is both innovative and efficient. When compared to conventional glazing, CUIN is a lightweight and thin option that has U-values that are much lower. Additionally, it is an option that is better for the environment and performs well.

Are you looking for a reputable company that specialises in window installation? Crystal Units provides you with a glass design that is more sustainable for the environment than triple glazing. Which will help you save money on your monthly energy bills.


CUIN is the most thermally efficient glass that is currently. On the market as a direct result of our exclusive technology and design. If you compare CUIN glass to double or triple glazing. You’ll notice a significant reduction in the amount of heat that escapes through your windows. If you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. One of our managers will be more than happy to assist you in any way they can.

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