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Baby room: prepare it well and make it evolve

You are expecting a baby and you are looking for great ideas to prepare a cozy room for him/her. We invite you to discover our advice to help you create a corner of paradise for your little angel.

Before the baby finally arrives, you have plenty of time in the nine months before that to create a wonderful nursery. Here we offer you some furnishing tips, indicating what you should consider and what possibilities you have to connect what is necessary with what is beautiful. The goal is a successful combination of furniture, wall paint, light and accessories, so that you and your baby are completely comfortable.

Soft colors and appropriate delicate materials

Either furnish your own bedroom for the new family member or create a separate room for him/her. In any case, the senses of the baby should be stimulated from the beginning of his life. It is therefore important to attach great importance to the harmony of colors and shapes that surround it. Whether it’s for a baby boy or a baby girl, it’s important to choose wall colors carefully.. Light and pastel, like delicate hues and wallpapers with calm patterns, they create a friendly and welcoming environment. You can also hang pictures with large colorful patterns in the nursery to sharpen your baby’s senses. This way you can easily change patterns and colors and after a while give new stimulation to your baby. All in all, it is important to choose the non-toxic materials so that the baby can put them in his mouth without any danger. Blankets and baby mattress in cozy fabrics ensure maximum comfort and well-being.

A safe place with a friendly atmosphere

The parents and, of course, the baby should feel as comfortable as possible in the new baby room. So create a room that above all emanates tranquility and security, and that exudes a positive and friendly vibe.

Important baby furniture

The central element of the baby’s room is undoubtedly the cot. During the first six months, the baby often sleeps in a crib in the parents’ room, but after that he needs more space. Many cots are height-adjustable and equipped with removable rails, so that it can also be used as a toddler bed. The second essential piece of furniture for the baby is the changing table. Get models at Homary here. This not only offers space for comfortable diaper changes, but also the storage place to store nappies, skin care lotions and much more. A small wardrobe can also be in the baby’s room so that all the cute rompers, onesies, pajamas, hats are at hand. If you want, you can also put stuffed animals and toys in a shelf. In the coming months, the little one will also be happy if he has enough space to crawl. So do not forget to leave enough free space in the baby’s room.

Changing dresser, changing table or changing board? Basically, it’s just a matter of taste and space. All three options should have a changing pad that is padded and washable. Height is also important because of the position of your back when changing your baby. In addition, you should pay attention to the baby fall protection from the changing table. If you already have a chest of drawers in your baby’s room, choose the changing table or the changing board.

There is also an important piece of furniture for mothers during the breastfeeding period – a nursing chair. Before buying it, take a look at our advice.

Set harmonious accents with decoration and lighting

The dimmable ceiling light is ideal in the nursery. It provides enough light to change the baby and also ensures soft light when the baby is in bed. A small night light is also useful if you change your baby during the night. Choose the most beautiful light from many playful patterns. The only important thing is that it shines softly and does not dazzle. The wall lamp or the floor lamp is exactly what you need later, during the plain nights of stories in bed. Decorate the baby’s room with a beautiful sky above the bed, for example with stars. Many patterns in different styles are available for every taste. Pillows, blankets and curtains with simple printed designs are also a great way to decorate the bedroom.

Flooring in the baby’s room

Carpet is particularly suitable as a floor covering in the nursery, although it should be cleaned frequently. It is a good shock absorber and gives the baby a soft surface to crawl on. Even cork flooring with wooden parquet is a good alternative for flooring in the baby room thanks to the ease of cleaning. Carpets and rugs are the most practical while being more slip resistant and therefore safer.

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