A Guide to Brake and Clutch Services Reservoir


Manual car owners better know the clutch working in cars. It’s all-time important to keep your one foot on the clutch. For the brake or to change gear you need to press the clutch. Clutch and brake are both essential for the car and you should make sure the back-end system of these two is working perfectly.

A fluid at the back system of the clutch and brake provides smoothness to both aspects. Particularly the fluid level never let down soon. If you feel the clutch is hard and never works properly you should check the fluid. Both are doing a great job for the vehicle and maintenance of these two parts is very important to keep the performance smooth.

What Is the Purpose of Clutch with Brake

If you own a manual car, you should know brakes can only work with a clutch. A brake is used to stop the vehicle and is connected to a clutch. Both are working at the same time. For the smooth working of these two aspects, a driver should maintain the fluid level and regular maintenance of these important parts of the vehicle.

If you feel any trouble with the brake or clutch is hard to press there is something disturbing at the back which might cause you to risk you’re driving. The smoothness of the clutch is also important to change the gear according to the speed and best fuel efficient cars in Pakistan. The function of the brake is just to stop the car but the clutch has connected two functions to change gears and to provide support to the brake.

Brake And Clutch Service You Need

The overall performance of the car depends on the maintenance you provide. If you do care of essential parts maintenance, you will never dip into trouble with the car’s performance. The engine oil is work to provide smoothness to engine parts and reduce friction. The same pattern work for the brake and clutch. The fluid of the brake and clutch needs to replace after a time to provide smoothness. Here we tell you the top services you should provide to clutch and brake.

Inspect Clutch and Brake Parts

Don’t avoid the maintenance of the clutch and brake to risk your driving. Brake and clutch maintenance is related to gear and all these parts will be affected by each other. Keep noticing the working of these parts during driving and if you feel any friction or hardness to press the clutch or brake visit your car service station as a priority.

Check the Clutch and Brake Fluid

There is a fluid bottle at the back system of the clutch and brake which you need to replace after the car maker recommended time. do follow your car maker’s suggestion related to vehicle maintenance. Basically, it can be changed or replaced when you change the air filter and engine oil.

Test Brake and Clutch

Test your clutch and brake before planning a trip and also make Pakistani international driving license valid countries. Sometimes the brake and clutch work normally and you fail to recognize the problem in this case test your vehicle in different driving ways. Here is you can check the brake and clutch working perfectly or not.

  • On an empty road make some sudden brake and check the response of the brake and clutch at the same time.
  • Make some sudden turns to check whether the clutch provides support in a smooth way or not.
  • Press and leave the clutch instantly to check its smoothness so you can get the idea the fluid level is good at the back or not.
  • Make sure the brake is not slipping when you press and hold it or leave.


The clutch is connected to the transmission and works for both the brake and for transmission. For smooth working, the clutch provides support through the engine. When you make time for car maintenance and service do not forget the maintenance of these both very essential parts of your vehicle.

If anything, trouble with the brake and clutch can disturb all your plan for a trip and risk your driving. Before the problem becomes big and expensive do provide service to brake and clutch at an early stage. Control the friction or hardness of the clutch to ensure smooth working with the brake and transmission.

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