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Swimming is one of the most complete sports out there with Lifeguard class near me. It works with different systems of the body, stimulating different abilities. For this reason, children’s swimming is an excellent sport for children and a great ally for healthy development.

In this article, we’ve gathered some benefits of practicing this activity during the first years of life that will make you want to get your little one in a class as soon as possible. Check out!

7 benefits of children’s swimming

These advantages that children’s swimming with lifeguard class near me presents are perceived in the physical, mental and social spheres. The gains are many and last until adulthood. In addition, it is one of the most recommended physical activities to do with children .

Here’s what this sport can do for little ones:

Motor and cognitive development

During the practice of the exercise, the body needs to make coordinated movements between arms, legs, head and trunk. Performing them correctly requires, in addition to a lot of concentration and discipline, a good perception of time and space. Gradually, with practice, these skills are improved by and become more natural.

Improvement in the respiratory system

Swimming is a sport that requires good breathing capacity, after all, it is necessary to be without air for a long time underwater. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise breathing in the correct way, using the diaphragm and holding the breath of the lifeguard class near me. Learning these techniques is very useful, including for dealing with anxiety and nervousness outside the pool.

Improves blood circulation

In addition to significant improvements in the respiratory system, swimming also contributes to blood circulation. Precisely because it is an activity practiced in water, which requires longer breath and correct breathing, it provides by greater oxygenation, which stimulates more work on the heart to pump blood.

I am calm corn

The child’s brain needs this rest because it works a lot, learning all the time. For children who are very restless or have trouble sleeping, swimming can be an excellent solution. As it is a very complete activity, it requires a lot of energy.

Increased appetite

Since swimming with lifeguard class near me consumes a lot of energy, the child will also feel the need to eat more due to energy expenditure. That way, if the little ones have trouble eating, they can benefit a lot from this activity.

Notion of security

During children’s swimming lessons, children also learn how to behave in aquatic environments. This is very important to avoid possible accidents and teach them how to deal with them, whether learning to float, controlling their breathing, among other things.

Promotes self-confidence

Finally, children’s swimming helps children to build more security and self-confidence with their body and movements, as they learn to fend for themselves in a new environment. Cultivating these feelings in the first years of life is important for development, reflecting directly in adulthood and relationships.

How to start children in sport?

The recommendation by of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics is that children be introduced to swimming at six months of age. From this stage to two years, however, parents must follow the classes.

During this period, children do not actually learn to swim, they are only familiarized by -with the aquatic environment, which in itself already guarantees several benefits, being, for example, an interesting exercise to encourage psychomotor development.

Thus, these are the lessons learned by from children’s swimming by age group:

  • from 06 months to 2 years: the classes are guided by so that the baby experiences the water, learning to make the first movements in this environment;
  • from 03 to 04 years: babies learn to make their first swimming movements in a straight line, going from one point to another;
  • from 05 to 06 years: children begin to learn different types of swimming, exploring new body movements;
  • from 7 to 12 years: perfect swimming styles and expand breathing capacity.

Children’s swimwear

It is undeniable that children’s swimming is an excellent exercise for the first years of life. However, for all these benefits to be exploited by to the fullest, the comfort of the child is paramount. In that sense, clothes make a total difference in performance.

Choosing the ideal look is super important for little ones to explore new horizons and make new discoveries: bet on fabrics that provide freedom of movement and, preferably, with a sun protection factor that protects the skin on beach or pool days.

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