14 Clever Ways to Use SMS Marketing for eCommerce 

No matter the size of the company, SMS marketing is a technique that is employed in all business sectors. SMS marketing continues to rule and be important in the marketing sector despite the innovation and development of various communication technologies. This benefit can be attributed to texts’ capacity to connect with a variety of customers.

SMS marketing can be very helpful for several purposes, from sending bulk SMS to integrating texts with various other communication tools and platforms.

Additionally, they have the highest message opening rate, with nearly 97% of customers reading the messages within 3 minutes of receiving them. This is sufficient evidence that SMS has a broad audience and can be used effectively by business owners to expand their enterprises.

Improve E-Commerce Through These SMS Marketing Techniques

These 14 strategies will help you use SMS marketing for e-commerce.

1. Pick a Winner at Random

Giveaways are a great way to attract customers to your business, especially when nothing else seems to be working. Text messages can be used to automate the giveaway contest implementation process. It might be more beneficial to choose the finish time and date. Once you’ve scheduled the text, the system will choose a random winner and inform them of the same, whether it’s a coupon code or a reward. By doing this, you can add more potential customers to your text list and remarket to them.

2. Automated Responses

You ought never to abandon your customers. You should be able to respond to them quickly and effectively, whether it’s a question about how their order was completed or another matter. To ensure that your customers feel valued, scheduling and automating responses is crucial.

3. Multiple-User Access

Many SMS service providers enable this feature, which is undoubtedly excellent for businesses that need to manage multiple departments. You can use this feature to send bulk SMS to your customers, updating them on various topics from various departments.

4. Mobile Coupons

You can send coupons directly to your customers by using your subscriber list and text messages. You don’t need to cut out coupons, and mass messages are said to have a high redemption rate, so you can anticipate a quicker response from your customers.

5. Data Collection

SMS can be a great tool for gathering more information from your customers. Sending a text message to your subscribers asking about the specifics will automatically update the information once they respond. Another excellent way to maximise the effectiveness of this tactic is to integrate the services that you use for email and text messages.

6. Include SMS Polls and Voting

SMS polls and voting are adaptable enough to be included by anyone, regardless of the nature of your business or the services you provide. Performing this can help you get important feedback. Your list of potential choices for selection can be texted, and recipients can reply by voting. You will receive a real-time update as soon as they respond to one of the options you sent.

7. Send Birthday Messages

Birthdays are among the most important days in a person’s life, and you can make your customers’ birthdays even more special by sending them personalised birthday texts that can be sent automatically. To establish a more personal connection with your customers, keep track of their birthdays and text them on that day. A straightforward birthday greeting or even a special offer can be included in the text. The birthday text can be automated so that you won’t have to manually keep track of them.

8. Group Segmentation

Group Segmentation This is especially helpful if you want your business to reach out to various market segments. Even though not many businesses may need to take this step, doing so can still have a significant positive impact on business operations.

9. Gather Reviews

Reviews are one of the frankest and most efficient ways to learn the real opinions of your customers about your goods and services. To ask your subscribers to leave a review on your official website, text them or use bulk SMS. Encourage them to participate because this is an excellent way to boost customer engagement as well.

10. Send Text Reminders

There is a lower likelihood that your customers will pick up the phone or respond after you call to remind them of an appointment or a purchase when you call them. However, by sending them a text message, you can remind them briefly of their upcoming appointment without interfering with any of their meetings. If there are any cancellations, you can also text customers about last-minute appointments.

11. Recurring Messages

You may want to send certain messages to your text list regularly. You can schedule the messages at a time interval of your choice to accomplish this effectively. This includes texts about dates of an upcoming sale as well as texts about holidays and seasons.

12. Drip Messages

You can set up drip messages that you can send to your text list at predetermined intervals of time. To ensure that you don’t miss any chances to speak with them, you can automate your marketing messages or Bulk SMS.

13. Two-Way Messaging

The majority of customers would rather receive texts from their preferred businesses than call them on the phone. Thus, using texts to communicate with customers can be very effective. To your subscribers, you can send bulk SMS messages, and you can also get feedback from them. You can see the conversation in your inbox thread, participate in appointment scheduling, and answer their inquiries.

14. Cross-Marketing Through Texts

In the modern world, a company is less likely to succeed without cross-marketing. You can cross-market your business through texts by sharing a link to your social media accounts, website, blogs, and other online properties. You can inform your customers about your presence on other platforms by sending them bulk SMS.


SMS, the most adaptable form of communication in the modern era, aids brands in raising awareness and enhancing their marketing abilities by following the requirements and preferences of the company. You can improve communication across channels by adapting SMS or Bulk SMS.

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